Saturday, 8 December 2007


Well hello to you all. We’ve got the seminars, we have the magazine and we have even given you a newsFEED now here’s the blog.

This is your chance for audience participation. The FEED team will post up breaking news, competitions, industry stuff and little bits of nonsensical
fluff. So please do post your views and news – obviously we want you to keep your posts clean, informative and intelligent. FEED after all is a fine example of a clean living machine and we don’t like aggression in anyway!

If we think your input is strong and you have interesting things to say we might, just might invite you to be an author, where you will gain admin access to post pictures, films etc. This will only be offered to FEED members, so go to and sign up today.

Keep checking this blog for all the news and stories one could possibly want to read. Many thanks for all of your support over the last two years; FEED is truly alive and moving forward thanks to YOU…

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