Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Congratulations to Ryan, Tineshia and Leticia for getting some great press and exposing not only yourselves but FEED, well done to you all.

Further congratulations to Zarah and Tineshia for gaining places at two of the most prestigious art schools in the world: Zarah: Central St Martins and Tineshia: Chelsea School of Art don't loose you brumie accents - it's not Landan it will always be Lundun, OK

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Thank you to Ian Anderson from TDR

Thanks to Ian Anderson_TDR for coming to the FEED Studio and answering some really challenging and demanding questions with equally challenging and engaging answers.

Loads of people have emailed FEED to say they felt it was the best one! Cheers for that.

Thanks to all of you that worked really hard to pull this off - you know who you are...

FEED SUMMER PARTY 14.05.09 Medicine Bar, Custard Factory.

Tickets go on sale 05.05.09 from Adam Guy at Millennium Point,

see you there,